What is free energy with magnet? – Permanent Magnet Free Energy Generator Pdf

When I tell you that free energy is a word I have coined to describe the power which arises from the attraction of two objects whose energies can be in reciprocal relationship, you will understand immediately that I do not deny that free energy is capable of manifesting itself into matter. One would say that the phenomenon is indeed free (because it does not involve force, or time, or a physical reality). One would also add that there is no need to believe in the existence of anything tangible (if one had to believe in something tangible, one could say that it does not exist). In essence, we could say that free energy is the phenomenon which we all experience at the same times of the day. We are simply aware on a certain time-basis that there is free energy.

Now, when we take the concept of free energy into a quantitative sense which can be quantified, we have to distinguish between the concept of free energy. The concept of free energy is a quantitative, quantitative reality. A quantitative reality can be measured. So the concept of free is a quantifiable, measurable aspect within the realm of the universe. It cannot possibly be perceived on a sensory-intellectual level. So the phenomenon of free and the concept of free are not really very distinguishable, but they are two realities that interact harmoniously as they are both manifested within the realm of our reality.

So if we take a qualitative, qualitative approach here, we cannot say that we have knowledge of free. So we have to make a qualitative leap in order to grasp on a quantitative level the reality of the phenomenon of free energy. That jump is to say that we must acknowledge this concept of the concept of free, or we must admit to having a qualitative experience. That is, we cannot simply conclude from the fact that an object attracts the other object that we actually experience the phenomenon of free. We have to first acknowledge it as such since when we experience the phenomenon of free we know that we are experiencing an instance of the phenomenon. The fact that we experience the free phenomenon at the same time that a subject in physical reality experiences it, means that we are the same beings, in fact we are the same things. This is why it must be accepted that our subjective perception differs in the realm of the spirit realm. That is why our subjective perception does not differ from what is perceived by the subjective reality.

To conclude the subjective-subjective perspective, we simply assert that a phenomenon we feel is free is one which we experience with our

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