What is a free energy device? – Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices

A free electricity device is a device that enables people living in isolated communities to maintain normal life without the need for a central power supply or electricity. This can be achieved by turning off and on the supply of electricity and natural gas over timescales up to a few months or years.

What are the benefits of free electricity for people who live in isolated communities?

Free electricity can be helpful in many ways. For instance:

In situations of limited infrastructure such as on land or within buildings, electricity is more reliable and efficient than gas and diesel.

In places with limited water or water mains, the provision of free electricity can also be very useful for the provision of safe drinking water.

For the convenience of residents and visitors who come to visit, free electricity can also allow them to have access to electricity and water when they need it.

Free electricity systems have a wide range of uses.

A free energy device can also be of assistance for remote communities that are not connected to the electricity grid.

How can I make my own free electricity device?

You can make your own energy device, even if it is not currently supported by Eneco. You should always take the time to look at how it works before making such a decision.

If you have the right tools and basic knowledge of electronics, then it is possible to construct free electricity devices, and even design them yourself with a basic electrical design course.

In many cases you can get some of these basic materials for free. The most popular free energy device materials for sale to the public are copper wire, battery charger, and battery pack.

Free electricity devices require a little bit of knowledge about electrical connections. You can learn about power line sockets and wiring in this Eneco eBook.

You will need:

a wire suitable for your free energy device:

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A power supply wire such as these.

battery charger such as this

A battery pack such as this.

a screwdriver or screw driver extension

In most cases your free electricity device will contain:

a basic wire-towel – you also need to wrap around the power supply wire.

Some of the free energy device components

There might be some of these components that are not included with the device. Do let me know if there are any missing components.

Electricity: your free energy device will have no electricity supplied to it, if

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