Is free energy possible? – Free Energy Equation And Reversibility Test Geometry

“Well, yeah, if you don’t care about the energy.”

“Huh? That makes no sense!”

Hearing my comment, a girl that was wearing a light blue-colored shirt with a blue ribbon appeared near Alice. She smiled as if she was enjoying herself.

The girl wearing that clothing was wearing a maid uniform with a maid skirt. Her long blonde hair had not moved a great distance from her face.

“Um, so you’re the girl with the black hair, then?”

At Alice’s gaze, the girl wearing the maid uniform spoke in a low voice that wasn’t pleasant at all.

“No, don’t mind me. I was just looking. I’m sorry… I’ll make sure we’re all right.”

The girl, who wore a maid uniform, wore a short coat with black tights over that. It’s a simple item that only had the maid’s mark on the back of it.

“I’m Alice. I’ve been working at this school ever since I started at this school in the third grade…?”


At the same time, her long blonde hair was pulled off, and her whole body was covered in black tights. She looked as if a cat was stalking her. She had a cute face, but she was only being a nuisance.

And then the girl in the maid uniform spoke.

“This is Yuzuha.”

When the girl in the maid uniform spoke, two men that didn’t know each other at all arrived.

“Hey, you!”

“Eh, huh?”

The man with the short coat was the same person that Alice called out to.

And then the other man was the one who had the longer black hair. He didn’t seem to know who the first guy was, and thus made his response after thinking for a bit.

“… What’s, this woman’s doing here, eh?”

“… Huh?”

“She’s really a great maid. I’m afraid she couldn’t let it end like usual.”

With a troubled expression, the man called out to the girl wearing the maid uniform. Even though he had the name of a servant, the people here wouldn’t believe it if he said that, the man had a slightly troubled expression.

Alice looked over the people who turned their faces away by themselves. There were four people in all.

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