How do I make a generator?

Go to: Choose “Pronters,” put in the “Print, Copy or Download” option and click “Go.”

The generated files will be in the “Generated Files” folder in your Downloads folder.

One day in mid January, I received an email from my sister, whom I hadn’t seen in a while because she was back in the hospital, saying that her doctor had removed an embryo from her womb and was preparing to send it to France. I was devastated and in tears because, even if I didn’t have an abortion, this event would certainly be emotionally stressful for her. Her doctor was also in tears and I asked what he was thinking.

I wrote back, telling him of all I felt, saying how it would make a big difference to them both. And I added that I couldn’t keep it from her if he kept it and then she was likely to lose her battle because of the laws that are now in force. I begged him not to give it away and instead to send it to France so that I could give her some hope for all the women who needed it, and, I wrote, I had to do it for her. I wrote that I had had a similar experience three years ago in Japan when a friend had an abortion and, as she would say, “it was a miracle, but something happened and I kept it to myself.” I told my sister, who still carries that pregnancy from that abortion, how good this could be to her, and how much the women I know and love need it now.

A few days later we received a phone call from the French consulate. I was so glad they had done something that could affect her, and I promised my sister that I would help her with legal aid and help her find a lawyer and make sure things were dealt with by the best possible officials in France. I have always been a pro-choice person, but the thought of losing these women from the world’s most democratic country was something I wouldn’t ever feel good about.

That next step was a lot of work. We got our paperwork approved by the Health Ministry’s Office of General Medical Ethics, met with their official representative, who was friendly and helpful, explained everything to the consulate and the doctor, and we received a letter in which the doctor agreed that he could bring a surrogate for us, since she had told us she was willing. We also got our