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This morning’s New York Times’ column, “The Bigger Picture,” focuses on the role of the Catholic Church in promoting the gay agenda in this country.

In the article, writer and blogger William Saletan writes:

For all the rhetoric about how gay marriage is nothing but an ‘assault on traditional marriage,’ the truth is, the Church has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of that assault. Its stance has been more nuanced and less extreme than its opposition to abortion for the same reason: The Church has historically been more liberal on gay marriage than on abortion.
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Indeed, Saletan notes, “the Church has long allowed abortion for very religious reasons, most notably the preservation of the life of the mother, which, as far as the Church is concerned, is a legitimate reason for aborting, even in cases of rape, incest or serious health problems.”

In fact, the Church has long accepted the theory that “abortion is the most serious of all serious sin” – despite the fact that the Church has never