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The answer lies in a process called the reverse engineering process. Reverse engineering involves building a circuit, which is typically made up of components that can be readily replicated elsewhere. An example of this is a circuit made from a resistor (Rx), capacitor (C), opamp (Op), transistor (T), and diode (Di) in series. This type of circuit can be easily duplicated. For instance, you could take a few resistors, a few capacitors, two small opamps, a couple of transistors, and one DC power supply (DC-P) and just replicate the circuit. Of course, if the system you are replicating is very different from yours, you will need to make adjustments and changes. Here are a few tips that can help ensure successful reverse engineering (if you follow them):

Use a high speed camera to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

Check and double check that everything works.

Do not assume everything works just because your picture doesn’t look broken. Test in reverse to make sure things work OK. Once you think things are OK, save your work for after your product is finished. A good rule of thumb is that once you have made one circuit, it shouldn’t take you more than two or three months to build a couple of more. (The amount of time depends on a couple of factors, including how well you can follow the instructions, the budget of the home, and what equipment you are using.)

About This Game

Tilt The Head Of The Beholder

Experience one of the most complex and rewarding puzzle games ever created.

Reach out and touch the head of the beholder with your thumb. This will unlock all the secrets you were meant to find.

Each time that a puzzle is solved a new part of the castle falls to pieces and begins to spin. It’s up to you to reassemble this structure and see it back to form where it was.

Choose the right tool for the job by tapping on this spinning block. If you have a lot of energy you can tap on multiple parts and watch them spin at the same time. If not you’ll have to wait a few seconds between each part.

The best way to solve the puzzles is to use the help of the fairy called the Beholder. Don’t let her down, don’t let the beholder down.

Get to know this mysterious creature, if she’s around you’ll feel safe when it’s time to

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