Can magnets be used to generate electricity? – Free Energy Chemistry Definition

No. The magnetic field is necessary to be able to use magnets as a voltage source. This would make you a non-magnet fan, but not a true engineer and there is nothing in physics that requires a magnetic field to be “true.”

Can microwaves be made to move?

No. A microwave is much smaller than a magnet, so it doesn’t have the mass necessary to attract the atoms, which would need to be larger than a magnet for it to have any power. Magnetic fields need to be large enough to change the energy state of the atoms. This is a different process used by plasma physicists.

Can you make a magnet more durable?

No. Maintaining a magnet over time is a delicate balance: the magnet should not be damaged by contact, but it should not lose its ability to attract atoms because its magnetic field is so large. Once an atom loses that ability to attract, there is no way to replace it.

Can you make a magnet even smaller than a single atom?

No. Only one atom is needed to make a magnet strong and durable.

Why are magnets the most ubiquitous in everyday life?

Because they are. The ability they have to attract and repel is an essential ingredient in the electrical and magnetic components of every electronic device. Because they are so universal, we are constantly making new ones.

What could be more ubiquitous than electric wires?

All wires.

How do electric wires have such a diverse and strong magnetic field?

In the past the field strength of wires was very variable, mostly due to the fact that they were not made of a material known today. However, today all wires are made of a material known as neodymium-ferrofluid. This material, also known as “neon” or “nano” wire, is much more stable than metals or plastics and its field is not affected by air or water.

A wire can be made without neon, but it will generally be more difficult and costlier.

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Shalidor’s Tomb is a place on Vvardenfell that houses an evil ghost. The area, while being surrounded by a magical barrier

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