Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing Classes

Not Eminem. But he’s one of the big reasons why it has thrived and why many rappers of this generation love hip hop today.

So what makes Eminem so valuable to the Hip Hop community? And how does he help us today to become more creative, more creative, more unique and more unique?

You have heard Eminem…and you love him. You see him on the radio playing your favorite songs, you have the energy of a teenager and you are loving life. Your friends think you and your favorite music are the best ever.

“No one can compete with the man, he’s so unique…he knows how to use your spirit. He has his shit together, he is a real man. He wants you and your family to thrive,” said Chris Linnell of New York.

But he knows there is more.

Eminem and Linnell did their bit for us, they played one of Eminem’s greatest hits from “The Marshall Mathers LP.” And it was the best moment of this whole hour long interview. I loved it and I was pumped for this session.

And it isn’t like I didn’t get a lot of great answers. Just check out some of the great lines that Linnell delivered.

“I think he (Eminem) needs to leave it all out there…he’s a one man wrecking crew. I’ve been listening his music since ’97. …And it’s not that he’s too much of a “humblebrag” guy, he knows that I’m there to support him. He knows what I do. He knows that I’ve been doing what I have been doing for years.”
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“He (Eminem) knows his shit.”

And the thing about the Marshall Mathers LP is that it’s very different from anything else out there. We love music, we enjoy listening to it.

Most people don’t even realize that Eminem’s voice is that amazing. You hear Eminem rap about everything, but don’t realize that his vocal abilities are so amazing. His ability to use his voice like that is like some kind of magic. And it’s really the reason you have more hip hop today.

“For one thing, it’s so cool and it takes the audience, the audience that I just don’t see anymore. In a lot of instances, they’re either doing their own thing, either doing something else or, I’ll try to

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