What is Raks? – Belly Dance Drawing

Are you using it for anything else? How much money does it get me? Why should you use it for free in lieu of paying the $40-50?

You might say, “Look, this isn’t about earning money or getting ahead, this is about freedom.” That sounds nice, but really, this is all about the control.

Here are some tips to try (don’t use them all):

Take pictures. You might say, “But people who take pictures aren’t making much, and I don’t want to use another website to do it for me.” No, stop and remember that the Internet is a tool to help you get ahead. Now you’ll have a better view of what you want out of an online business. Look back on your work and compare it to other blogs/sites you have visited. How many other sites have you looked at and if there is anything you wish you had done differently? Also, consider what your goals might be and use this as a benchmark. Now you might feel bad that you are spending all this money without even making much of an impact. Take a break from it and then move on. Use this as a means for self growth. Don’t let your social media presence stop you. The longer you are a part of the “club” this will all grow and become more of a part of who you are because you are going to have more followers and more customers. It becomes the lifeblood of your business. Take a break from this website. You may not notice until it disappears, but it will. Do you need another website to do what you do? Or are you not doing what you can do without another website? Is your site still relevant? The answer to this is yes. If your business is no longer a part of the internet, that is when you need one. Find what works for you and don’t settle for less. If you continue to have a website you continue to get traffic and you have an online following that keeps growing, that is still good for you if you are willing to use it as a means of self growth. Keep up with what new sites are out there and try to find new ones. When you have enough followers you might become aware that you could create new products yourself. I’ve seen new sites go out and try to get new followers, and I’ve seen the most successful do that for free or at a discount (remember the $40 for the $150+). If you are not using this site today

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