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Yes and No!!

Is There more to this? (not really)

There’s more to it, and I will be sharing my thoughts with my followers at twitter and facebook as I progress through the day. If you have any questions, leave them below!

UPDATE 1 (11/23/2017)

Just to make it absolutely clear, I never said I won’t do a new Waacking project in the future. I’m still working on it and will be posting weekly. I also posted a video yesterday featuring my voice work, so check that out and let everyone know you support the project!

As a small and relatively new startup in the crypto industry, we do not have the luxury of focusing too much on the “old guard” of the crypto economy and investing too much into the “good old days”. This is especially true because the blockchain technology that underpins our system — Bitcoin — is still relatively new.

This blog post seeks to give a brief overview of our current strategy, including the potential for future expansion. But there are several other areas that could benefit from a better understanding of our strategy and our thinking, including our future plans to help shape a future that focuses more on consumer-level products, and less on infrastructure.

To begin, here’s a look at what we think are key areas where we could be focusing our development.

Consumer products:

Bitcoin-powered, non-profit organizations can become bitcoin-powered, non-governmental organizations — that is, they can have a financial unit (i.e., a digital cryptocurrency) that functions as a currency for their employees. Bitcoin-powered organizations can also become the basis of a national currency in their respective countries (i.e., as a unit of exchange, rather than as a unit of account), as well as an alternative to fiat currency.

It’s also worth noting that it is conceivable to build non-regulated commercial operations that don’t rely on Bitcoin.

We’re trying to explore how a non-profit organization can become one of these financial units, and ultimately, how they might use Bitcoin to help them do that.

Blockchain technology:

The ability to create trust through the blockchain — even when one has no personal stake in the network — is one of the most important benefits that the blockchain technology allows for, in our view. Blockchain-based systems enable organizations to be fully decentralized, which implies that no single entity can exert its power over the network

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