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Is it ok to wear a burka in some countries?? — لمرد الله (@abouharb) January 15, 2015

The comments prompted the Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MbS, to accuse the BBC of racism. “This shows that Islamophobia lives among our media,” he tweeted, adding, “I say you BBC can write anything about us, but do not dare to write anything about our Prophet.”

And there is even one man who actually seems to agree.

“It is only acceptable if the man wears the burka,” writes Jazir Khan, the founder of the Saudi-based Saudi Student Association (RSA). “We have had enough of this anti-secular/anti-Muslim bigotry.”

@BBC, this post is against your beliefs #BBCRSA.

This post is against your beliefs #BBCRSA @Saudiarob

— Jazir Khan (@JazirKhan) January 15, 2015

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“The first I know that he was dead I was in London and I was standing behind a fence outside a flat and someone was in hysterics over it and they didn’t move so I just stood there and watched them cry. I was just a little boy walking to school so I didn’t have time to do anything.”

A little while ago, I wrote an article detailing the most awesome game I’ve ever played and it was, of course, Pokémon Go. There are so many amazing aspects about Pokémon Go. You can walk down the street to find your nearest Pokémon, see live Pokémon streams, compete against the world’s best in battle, and become a great Pokémon Trainer who gets up early to catch ’em all.

But one thing Pokémon Go left out was Poké Stops. This means that it’s easy to be lured into catching Pokémon, which then makes it harder to leave your spot, get a new PokéStop, and catch even more Pokémon.

Here’s how you can avoid becoming a pokéstop zombie.

1. Set Your PokeStop in the Right Spot

As your town progresses, you’ll encounter new Pokémon and then have to battle for resources so that your town works better. If you have a PokéStop in the

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