How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Belly Dancing Scarf Black

According to Twerkalytics, the numbers are as follows:

Truer statistic = 500 calories / Twerx time

Most calories Twerking = 1500 calories / Twerx time (this includes those calories spent twerking and that time wasted sitting around or watching TV or something.)

That’s 1,600 calories per year, with the average being 1,600 calories (which is less than an hour of TV per year). I think you know the answer to your question by now.

So, if you twerk for 1 hour per day, you burn 2500 calories every day.

Twerk Calories per Year

What do all the numbers mean?

If you’re a man, you get 1,600 calories per year while women get 1,000 calories.

Women Twerk for 4 hours per day = 750 calories, which includes all the time spent twerking!

Men Twerk for 4 hours per day = 1300 calories, which includes all the time spent twerking!

So, if you’re 20, you have to spend 4 hours a day twerking.

If you’re 50, you have to spend 4 hour per day twerking.

A 50 year old guy twerks for 6 hours per day, whereas a 30 year old guy twerks for 10 hours per day.

Another interesting observation by Twerkeralytics from their survey is that women tend to be better at Twerking, while men tend to be better at Twinkling.

Truer Stat: (500 calories / Twerx time) – (800 calories / Twerx time) = 500 calories / 1 hour / 1 day.

Most Twerking = 1500 calories / 1 Hour / 1 DAY.

This is a bit odd. Why would men be more interested in Twerk?

If you’re a Man, you get 2,640 kcal per year. However, 1,600 calories per year is better in every way.

If you’re 25, you get 1,320 calories per year, whereas 1,150 is better for you.

If you’re 10, you get 1,240 calories a year, whereas 700 is better

If you’re 25, your caloric burn is about 900 calories per year. (If you aren’t taking up exercise, then this might be an anomaly, but it might also be true

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