How can I learn dance at home? – Belly Dancing Word Origin

We want you to start your dance career, without having to get your foot in the door. We’ve prepared a full learning platform – an experience that will take you from beginners to the expert. Once you know our curriculum, here are some of the key elements you’ll need to keep in mind to get started:

Our free online dance lessons are designed from the ground up to make sure you are able to move and learn quickly and efficiently. In addition to our online classes, we are offering a host of other flexible and affordable experiences for beginners. We offer personal coaching, coaching with a private group, and coaching to your existing teacher. Plus there are dozens of dances and partner sets in our library.

How many dancers are there?

While we focus on providing a safe, fun and empowering environment for dancers of all sizes, we have a minimum of three (3) dancers.

Can I get a dance card?

We welcome any dance card or partner set we can support. You can get a dance card online and when you log in you will be able to create a profile as well as use our social network to connect with other dancers and see a preview of your profile. You can also purchase a card at a club we support, or at the partner centre or online store.

We will give you a card when you apply, so get to it and start dancing!

How can I get to my dance class?

We encourage dances and partner sets to take place during our open hour each day. Our friendly and professional staff are available to guide you to your dance.

We have a variety of places to get to – from train stations or train stations to shopping malls, pubs, parks, festivals and festivals. You can also easily check the map below to find an open time in your area.

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