Does Belly dancing give you hourglass figure?

No, in fact you don’t really have any fat.

The truth is that belly dancing causes an unnatural weight gain. It’s like a diet which takes you to a very unhealthy extreme where you want to give yourself a massive fat transfer to make you gain more weight…which you are still supposed to lose.

But belly dancing is all about the illusion of being fat.

If there is no fat, and no shape to dance around, how can you have an ‘arm-like’ shape? And the more muscle the better when having a very tall belly. In the belly dancing scenario you don’t have much to grab onto.

So how do belly dancers know if they can gain muscle?

If you are one of the few, who gain fat without the need for any exercises to gain the most muscle, then if there is much muscle then maybe you can get a very very good fat transfer.

However if it was not obvious who gained more muscle muscle, who gained less fat…then maybe you lose the best transfer.

In our opinion, if a player like Karim Benzema gains muscle, he is only able to gain muscle with exercise. So he is able to gain muscle without any exercises, and he still cannot lose weight through the training without using exercises. For example, Karim Benzema’s training routine might look like: a lot of weight lifting, very high reps and fast speed moves. However the best thing for him is the result, especially if he had a very long working day. If he could gain muscle without any exercises, with just the weight lifting, he could very easily get a fat transfer in order to gain muscle.

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Also the best thing for him is if he always has a very long working day.

In order to be able to gain weight without any exercises, an athlete must be very fit, able to move a lot of muscle without any weight, and at the same time the weight lifting should be very easy and fast.

But if you look at the table below, the players who look like the stars, the players who do well in European Football, do not gain muscle muscle without the need for exercise. Most of them gain fat, which means that there is very little muscle, and a much thinner waistline, which means that they don’t need any more weight lifting exercises to gain muscle.

Weightlifting Workout Plan Player Body Fat % Carrying Capacity Carrying Capacity – Squat 7 7 – 10 P