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I wish I could be my younger self and run and hide.”

She was, she said, happy to have had another chance to help and was grateful that the charity was able to give her an education.

She worked as a waitress and she says even when the money was drying up, she’d get a small allowance from the bank.

“We always made it to the shops and we never had to ask for anything because we always had enough money to buy food.”

But as time went by, the couple’s financial situation became increasingly dire.
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Their income fluctuated and the cost of food, rent and clothing was also rising. They were forced to sell some of their possessions to make ends meet and it affected their family.

“I lost all the things my parents made like their car and the clothes they wore so I got used to leaving them on their side,” she said.

The couple are grateful to everyone who came forward and supported them.

“They made sure we got in touch with the people and told them the situation. We’ve spoken to the woman who has helped us and she was very, very generous,” Annalise said.

Analise says she is now happy and will go to university, as she did not have the chance to do otherwise.

The couple say they also want to thank the police, Salvation Army, the Salvation Army Junior League, Friends of the Salvation Army, friends of relatives and all the others they met in their search for help.

They feel grateful because they knew people who could have helped them but did not do so.

Analise says there is hope in their search and that her and her boyfriend will find the power they need.

“We have the strength,” she said.

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