Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days? – Weight Loss Drinks At Home In Telugu

Yes, however your body may not be able to properly digest the same foods you ate before. You may experience some side effects of the diet such as headache, dry mouth and irritability, although most people do not feel the effects from a diet for 2 -3 weeks.

Do I need a coach to help me lose weight?

Yes, you should have a personal trainer/nutritionist who works with you to develop your diet so that you achieve the best results. You may also have someone in your family who is a personal trainer/nutritionist.

How do I know how much to eat?

The best way to know is to eat what is right for you! If you feel like eating less/you see other people eating too much, there is a chance that you are not eating enough. Try not to think about how much you weigh. Take what you think is right for you. It has been proven that if you focus on your actions, and not your weight, you will feel better about losing weight. You will have a better understanding how your food affects your body.
The Military Diet: The Ultimate Guide (2020 Update)

Do I have to stop eating on my diet?

Yes, however, if you are not gaining weight your body is not underweight! You should not eat any more than what is going to kill your appetite. If you continue to gain weight on the diet it indicates that your diet is not working. If this is a real issue, it may cause your diet to stop working.

I am in the hospital with stomach cramps. Why should I eat less when eating so much?

If you feel your stomach is hurting, or you can’t hold a bowl of soup for longer periods of time, there may be a nutritional problem. You should try to make a healthy choice by substituting a healthier food for the food you are being deprived of.

If I’m having stomach cramps, what should I do or eat?

Make sure you have regular access to a good doctor. If you are having more or less cramps, it may be that your stomach is not working properly. Try to avoid foods that can change your hormones of energy including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and high salt. If you have the cramps during meals, you can substitute the foods you are eating that you are not enjoying.

Can I eat my normal foods but then change the food I eat when I am feeling hungry?

Yes. You can have some foods

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