Why is my belly so fat?

Does fat make me grow big? Does the fat make me grow?”

And here’s the fun part – these were just people asking the question.

Now, as I mentioned in this article, I don’t think you should let anyone tell you the answer. If you do, you are not doing your job.

But…what do others think? What do doctors think? And what people on Facebook or Twitter say?

In this post, we will discuss why a big, thick tummy makes you grow up so fast.

I’m not going to tell you that because your mum and dad have big tummies, they also grow up to be big, muscular, fit and fit-looking. But they do.

I know this is the one time when it’s wise to be cautious, so if you want to be 100% certain that your tummy is normal or unhealthy, get to bed and check.

How many times have you heard people tell you that their tummies are small and slim? I’m sure many of you have had it happen before. People are more than likely to underestimate the size of their own stomachs.

I used to worry about having a tummy that was too big. But then I did research.

Why do people exaggerate about their tummies?

This article says people over-report their size in order to appear a bit more attractive. And this really does work.

And it has been found that people overestimate their sizes by 30-40% on at least three out of four occasions to someone who only sees them in a mirror, often times even to a stranger.

In fact people think their tummies are bigger than they are.

How could all this affect the way we think? If you’re being told that your tummy is small and slim you might think you’re going to be too skinny and fat and that’s not good.

That may feel true to some when it happens to you or your boyfriend.

Here’s the research that says your tummy is usually around 1.5cm deep. So you need a lot of fat in your tummy.

I recommend that you do some research online, to answer this question. If you don’t find this information before you get ill, get started now. You may be surprised at what you find.

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