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Weight loss triggers for a number of reasons!

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If you gain too much weight in a short timeframe, for example within a few weeks, you’ll quickly drop it off and regain it back. You may even feel a little better about it. Just keep at it! Weight gain triggers for short periods that trigger you to lose weight – the fat on your chest will go away, you’ll feel thinner and you can lose the food in your stomach again. It will take some time too. Some of my clients would gain a significant amount in their first 2-3 weeks, then quickly decrease. It happens with some guys, too.

I’ve seen guys gain a lot of excess weight in a matter of weeks. They were really lean for about 12 months and then gained the excess weight back – so they were in the same weight range of last summer. I always tell them, “it’s not like I made a major change in your training. All you did was change your diet and you’re doing that every day and it works!”.

For the people who’ve lost the excess weight, it’s very frustrating to see it gone but you keep at it and you keep doing the diet you started years ago. Sometimes it’s very difficult so they often give up very quickly.

What triggers fat loss?

Some guys do well with some diets, but we always stress the importance of being able to sustain yourself for a number of weeks if you don’t want to lose weight.

Fat loss triggers for a number of reasons!

For some people, getting enough protein (protein is the main thing triggering fat loss) and making proper decisions with diet choices is very beneficial. This is the part where you should make sure you’re eating more – protein, carbs and your fat are all essential if you want to lose weight and help prevent weight gain.

Another important part of fat loss – energy, is key!

A good example of something I’ve seen over the years is when a guy loses 50lbs but suddenly starts having trouble moving around. And his body fat continues to go up. He’s gained some weight back but not enough so he still doesn’t have all the fat he used to. But his energy levels have got better! He’s able to do the things he used to do with ease – he can ride his bike and go running and walk his dog. It’s really quite remarkable; it’s a huge achievement for him. How amazing is that?

Energy and

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