What is the best diet for losing weight? – Weight Loss Diet Bangladesh

It is best to follow a high carbohydrate vs low carbohydrate diet. The reason is that when we eat high carbohydrate foods, our heart and pancreas are stimulated. This allows carbohydrates to reach our blood stream and for it to have the energy to be metabolized by our cells for energy. The idea is that we want to eat high carbohydrate foods to ensure that a certain amount of glucose reaches in our blood stream to help fuel our body. The same kind of effect is also caused when we eat low carb foods.

Low carb diets, on the other hand, provide less of what is needed for energy. For example, while the glucose in our blood stream is reduced, the insulin in our pancreas can still provide sufficient energy. In this way, low carb diets also keep calories from reaching the cells, and as such our calorie needs can go down.

In other words, when a calorie doesn’t reach the cells, you are left with a stored energy in your fat cells.

What happens if you lose weight while following a high carbs vs low carb diet?

When you lose weight, you need less insulin for your cells to metabolize energy. That means you need less carbohydrate calories to make your cells work, and less food for your body to use as fuel. As a result, you need to consume less of the energy-dense carbohydrates and more of the fats. When you lose weight, it’s all for naught, for the body has no more stored energy to use for fuel. In this way, high carb diets are beneficial. They actually help you burn more fat and calories which makes weight loss easier.

What about exercise?

Loss of weight depends on fat, not diet, and exercise helps us get rid of the excess fat. So exercise is important as well. This is a key factor.

Should I do cardio or weight training?

Losing weight is not the same as losing weight muscle. Weight loss of muscle happens when you do cardio. Therefore, some will do cardio only, and some might do both. In fact many will not do either. In these cases it is not helpful for weight loss to do cardio too.

Can I lose weight if I exercise on a low carb diet?

Yes! Studies on low carb diets have shown that they can actually help you lose weight, particularly in the upper body. Exercise helps you get rid of muscle as well as fat. This is true for a lot of people.

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