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The moon is a natural object that orbits the earth every 28.57 days. It orbits around the earth at an angle between 28.41 degrees and 30.5 degrees. A full moon occurs when it is closest to us for more than eight hours, and is about 40 degrees above the horizon.

How big is moon on the moon?

The moon’s surface area is about 16,600,000 square miles (40,856,000 km 2 ).

Do you see the moon at half full?

A full moon is when the moon is completely covered. It may get half-full depending on the weather. In the US, a full moon is either the first or second full one of the year.

If an eclipse is visible, which comes first, and what part does it cover?

When an eclipse happens is depends on when it is for you, but the time it will happen will depend on where you live. On May 19, 1995, a total solar eclipse will be seen in the US from Oregon to South Carolina. On January 21, 2001, a total solar eclipse will be seen in the US from Florida to Oregon.

When an eclipse is partial, the sun’s image is partially covered but the moon is still in the right place.

If the eclipse is partially visible for the full duration, you may notice:

a darker moon and/or

the moon becomes larger in size due to the full moon.

The Moon

The Moon orbits the earth every 28.57 days. When the lunar disk is completely full and the moon is no longer visible as a silhouette, the moon is called full or full moon. Some people even call it a new moon.

People use the term “moon” to refer to different objects instead:

earth – for Earth

sky – for sky

Moon Phase

When the moon is in its new or full phases, it is called new or new moon.

Moon phase is the time of day during which there is no day or night, and where there is no day of the week. If you notice the Moon is more light than darkness, it is during full or new moon phase.

Where is moon on the moon?

There are many parts of the moon that we can see when there is a full moon. We will learn more about the moon phases and the different parts of the moon that you can see by watching this video

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