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There is not a single scientific or clinical evidence that we can point to as supporting the conventional wisdom that you are supposed to lose weight if you are on the diet.

Most evidence on the subject is purely observational. It would be hard for a researcher to study the very real consequences of a highly regimented diet, especially one that includes so many calories from junk food.

The best evidence is from a variety of studies that show weight loss or maintenance is unlikely to cause any significant harm or disease.

So, for someone who wants to lose 20% of their weight in only three months, a healthy weight loss of 5-10% over a year is likely to produce benefits with little health risk. The key is to balance your diet so that it is consistent with your goals, not to restrict calories to prevent weight gain.

Why should you think twice before eating less on a diet?

There are many people that think that eating less will reduce the number of calories you burn. This often leads to people eating less of everything from breads to dairy to vegetables or even just sitting quietly.

Many people think “well, if that’s a bad diet, what’s a good diet?” The scientific answer is: nothing! The good diet is the one based on an adequate diet that has balanced nutrients, and lots of moderate calorie intake. Not only will it make you lose weight (in all likelihood, it will get you where you want to be), it will also boost you in many other ways.

For example:

A diet that is calorie restricted, but allows for the creation of small amounts of protein, fat, fibre and other nutrients in your body, will provide for all that it needs to:

It will help you fight off hunger.

It will help you manage stress.

A diet which is balanced will provide energy without the need for the consumption of lots of carbohydrates to support glucose.

A diet that allows for the creation of small amounts of a variety of nutrients is more likely to:

It will help you develop better brain function.

It will provide for immune defenses.

It will help you get a longer and more effective life span.

A diet that minimises the need to eat carbohydrates has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes:

For each extra 200 calories you consume in a day, you have just over 20 calories that come from fat.

When the diet is healthy fat and protein,

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