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Tribune News Service


A New York man’s arrest and detention in Malaysia for his posting of a violent video on social media may have sparked a “very dangerous” trend of such behavior.

Robert Reed was held in Malaysia on Monday for three hours and then deported to the United States, said a senior law-enforcement official in Malaysia who speaks on condition of anonymity because of laws in the country prohibiting discussing such cases.

Mr. Reed, 43, has been living in Malaysia for 23 years and has the citizenship of Singapore. His attorney, George G. D. Kukum, said Mr. Reed has been detained for almost a month in a police station in Kuala Lumpur on an unknown charge.

The video, seen mainly in English online, was posted in 2011 after Malaysian police questioned Mr. Reed in connection with the killing of a Canadian student who was abducted on a train in Malaysia in 2005. The killing occurred days before Malaysia would hold national elections that helped turn the country of about 250 million people into a regional hub for the Internet.


The Ultimate Guide to “The Great Wall” is a web comic series about the popular Chinese and American animated fantasy movie starring Bruce Lee.


On Wednesday September 12th, 2015, Redditor eaglin posted the image (shown below) to the /r/funny subreddit (shown below, left). Within three days, the post was submitted to the /r/4chan board, where it was liked and commented on by more than 2.6k people.

On the next day, Redditor M-Huck posted the image to /r/funny, where it gained over 70 comments in the first 24 hours after being posted.