What exercise burns the most calories?

Not even your own body can figure it out.

“The truth is, they only work on your brain for a small period of time to do nothing else,” noted former Olympic marathoner Barry Jones, author of the new book, Overcompensating, where he lays out five ways to find that extra edge in your workout.

1. Lying in bed and thinking about the best ways to improve your metabolism.

The National Institutes of Health has a long list of research that suggests there’s no need to do crunches at the gym.

When it comes to exercise, Jones points to research showing that people who lie on the couch, and then do jumping jacks, tend to lose about 15 kilograms of weight, and lose less weight than those who do regular jumping jacks on a treadmill.

2. Doing push up poses with your thumbs up.

What’s the worst thing that could occur? If you get a hand injury, you’ve got the power to get the treatment you want. In fact, people who do push up poses with their thumbs up, are more likely to get better treatment, said study author Mark Jacobson, from the University of Connecticut.

Here’s how Jacobson demonstrated it:

It’s easy to find push up poses if you keep an eye out for them. “When I look for them, I know there’s an art to picking the right pose when your fingers are pointing straight forward,” he told CNN. “When I’m sitting in front of the TV, I just look at that picture as often as I can.”

3. Doing pull ups and chin ups.
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If you’re prone to back trouble or the gym’s too warm, what do you do? “If nothing else, if you’re not in the mood, take out your hair elastic band and do chin ups,” said James Schmehl, a personal trainer for CNN Health.

“The first time, you’re like, I don’t know if I’d enjoy doing this, but I want to.”

4. Taking up weight lifting.

People who take up weight lifting are found to be less active and more sedentary. “The reason is you’re putting more work in than you’re getting out,” Schmehl explained. “We know your brain is hard at work and the most effective way to get it to work is to get in shape.”

5. Not listening to your body.

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