What burns the most fat?

It’s the most fat – in a way.”

“Fatty acids are bad and bad for you,” said Mr Green, “but carbs are good – they cause a fat flush in your blood.”

There it is again. It’s been an interesting ride for Professor Green, but what does it all have to do with science? He’s spent the past 18 months learning science so he could teach it. The problem is that he’s also a teacher, and I found him a bit dispiriting, but in his own words –

“Science is a process. But this is an experience. If you don’t enjoy it, that’s not necessarily a problem.” ®


Image of the body in normal conditions with the fat removed by the body. The fat is in its place, the skin looks better and the blood vessels are more symmetric. Image of a fat cell in the fat cell cavity from a human body.

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With the help of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Network Resource for Computers and Technology (CNRC), engineers have created a new computer that runs the “Star Trek” television show as well as other modern-day science-fiction works. The computer, called the Starship Enterprise, also plays nice with other computing hardware in the form of an Atari 2600 joystick.

The starship is the brainchild of NASA’s Applied Materials and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and it is the first of several computers built by engineers for NASA. The NASA program, called Computer Science, Automation and Design for Aerospace Technologies (CSAAT), is designed to train engineers for future jobs in the computer field. NASA said it hopes to eventually train more aerospace workers than there are workers in their respective fields.


The Starship’s computer is a bit like a personal computer from the 90s where you can browse the internet, play computer games, and do other computer things: you just need to run the software to get there. The ship is powered by an IBM PC chip, and so you can connect your computer to get online, which is what this is all about.

A game of “Star Trek” could be played using a PC, but the Starship has a joystick that functions just like a joypad for the real-time games. This joystick features a “headrest with built in controls” that can change the game experience to what the engineer describes as a “space-themed interactive