Should you eat after 7pm? – 12 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan

I don’t eat after 7pm, I eat as soon as I’m done. I don’t like to eat while I’m sleeping. If you want to drink coffee, try to wake up early and make yourself a strong cup.

How much tea do you drink?

I drink around two cups daily. It gives me a buzz when I have an idea that I can’t stop thinking about. I am a fast-medium.

Do you eat anything?

We try to avoid alcohol very early in the morning, but sometimes it isn’t possible as there are so many options! As a whole, we do eat a lot of protein. We use eggs, beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

You do have a small appetite (usually around 250g/kg). Do you eat before that?

If I’m feeling hungry, if I need energy, then I’m usually ready for a snack. That’s generally around 8:15, but I’m ready for anything from lunch, dinner, to snacks before that.

Have you ever been sick or injured? What caused the injury?

After I started competing in the 80s, I got sick and had a back injury. I had to take 6-8 weeks to recuperate, but I never gave up my hobby or racing. To this day, whenever I’m feeling good in the gym, whether it’s running 5km, or anaerobically working out, or just taking my time, I’ll go for a ride.

Any regrets?

I regret not focusing more on getting back into training as soon as I was able. But it was very tough to do this and still keep competing. I was very happy with the health side, but it was very difficult to get fit for longer period of time. I wish I had done it sooner. I’ve also regretted not having the chance to come back from an injury early, especially with my back injury, which I couldn’t work out because the pain was so bad, and I couldn’t get a decent amount of rest, and so my injury would have been much worse if I hadn’t made some time for fitness work early.

What about the weight you were at?

I’m now over 140kg, which is nearly 5lbs less than the weight I started with! I had to do a lot of research to make sure I did it at just the right time.

What is your next challenge?

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