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Diet soda, the only naturally sweetened drink (not sugar-sweetened as most of the other “diet” drinks are), is touted as a healthy snack. But a large study from the University of Cambridge, UK, found no association between the sweetener and weight gain or an overall risk of obesity. And that’s not all. A study of 15,000 Japanese men found that those who drank one large-sized can per day were more likely to report being overweight in the six months after the study. And, in fact, drinking a can a day can have detrimental side effects not found in regular beverages. For example, it may increase the chance of you urinating more frequently, increasing your chance of urinary incontinence. The same issue exists when using excessive amounts of caffeine. If the caffeine in your diet contains a lot of the same amino acids (which, when mixed with sugar, would make it a “fats” drink) as a lot of other coffee blends, you’d be able to metabolize that without being put into a coma.

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So no, you don’t put a whole can of soda in front of the TV to get an “extra large.” You’re more likely to overeat and binge, and not lose weight. And you’re not going to be able to get away with it forever, because drinking large amounts is bad for you. Drinking too much soda or diet soda might make you sick, though, because the added sugar has a way of getting into your fat. But if you’re the only one who doesn’t like soda or diet soda, then get one for your self. Just not for a week. Because sometimes you just don’t like you a fattening one, even when it’s not the sweetest.

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