Is peanut butter good for weight loss?

Is chocolate good for weight loss? There are a few studies in the last few years about chocolate and weight loss and there is only one study that had a large number of subjects, more than 3,000 to 3,800 people. It showed in men chocolate consumption reduced weight by about 5 kilograms. Then you’d look at cocoa consumption, chocolate beverage consumption in the U.S. was about 80 grams a day in 2006. So you can see this is a pretty wide range of how much the average consumer of chocolate or any other sugar-sweetened beverage, if you’re consuming that high a daily consumption, is consuming. That’s where the epidemiological studies are missing, the health-related conclusions, especially, are the people who are drinking small cups of chocolate or large cups of cocoa on a daily basis. So there’s a lot missing from the research because the majority of the studies and the epidemiological research have basically not shown that these are good foods for weight loss or that there are effects of food on weight. In the beginning of this research from 2007 and even 2008, that started to take place. I think that in the case of cocoa, because the studies have not been replicated in the United States. Even that little, tiny study in China. The fact that it didn’t show the result that people are eating this very high consumption of chocolate that is very high in sugar. It actually showed that people are drinking the majority of their daily sugar-sweetened beverages with less milk, less cream, less sugar and that the amount that is consumed was about 1 percent. So I’m not sure why that hasn’t been replicated. The fact that it has not been replicated shows that even if it was true, that people are drinking the chocolate with less milk and less cream, that it still won’t cause any health problems, the amount of sugar that is consumed. So that’s another piece missing. I wouldn’t even say chocolate and weight loss. We’re still just at the embryonic stage of this. But there’s no doubt that cocoa is a good food for weight loss and a good food for reducing caloric intake because it reduces the appetite hormones that lead to weight gain.

Andrew: It’s true, no doubt. Is there any reason why you prefer a lower-fat, lower-sugar approach here? Maybe because you’re vegan.

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Robert: Yeah, I am vegan. I just want to kind of say that it doesn’t really matter if you’re vegan. I still think that most everyone who is overweight