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Weight loss is not normal. It is often accompanied by other health concerns, particularly with the heart and blood vessels, and there can be a range of health risks associated – not only physical ailments, but also a loss of productivity and a reduction in life expectancy.

What are the causes? Many factors are involved in weight loss – it is possible to get so little sleep that your body becomes tired, the blood circulation is disrupted, or you have a chronic illness that affects appetite. Many other factors can lead to weight loss, including physical activity, dietary changes, exercise and stress. However, the main causes of excess weight are the high salt, sugar and fat content of our food and the presence of food allergens and bacteria in our colon. These can lead to the chronic inflammation of the colon, where the food we eat triggers the release of hormones and other chemicals that damage our heart and liver.

What are the symptoms? Symptoms of excessive weight gain include: bloating

jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)

itchy skin and rashes



sores and skin rash

swollen feet and ankles

joint pain


fatigue and stress


weight loss Symptoms of excess weight loss include: flatulence


bloating of the lower abdominal region

increase in hunger If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your weight will usually normalise with the start of type 1 diabetes treatment – but excess weight, particularly on the hips, may continue for some time after treatment finishes and this may affect your daily activities. For more information about diabetics, please see our Diabetes page.

What are the long-term health risks? Overweight people are more likely to have: obesity and obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes

heart disease

cirrhosis of the liver


a stroke

cancer It is important to note that a high body mass index carries with it additional health risks. Heart disease and cancer are two of the biggest reasons for excess weight gain, although it is difficult to pinpoint cause and effect. The majority of people with excess weight who experience them, do not develop these problems.

How to help yourself Overweight people cannot help themselves. They cannot control their bodies on their own, and as their levels of fat and sugar increase, they need to eat and

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