How much weight loss is abnormal? – Diet And Exercise For Fat Loss

What are the possible side effects?

If you weigh less, the amount of weight loss is normal. However, if you increase your weight, or if you go on to become more overweight, you should consult a doctor or dietitian to decide the appropriate course of treatment for you. Some people may also experience symptoms of anorexia, such as an increased appetite and weight loss.

Why does weight loss prevent me from gaining weight?

Being overweight means that your body takes in more calories than your muscles and fat reserves allows you to burn. The problem is that some people become so used to this excess “energy” that they don’t notice that they need to lose weight.

When the body stores more calories than it can use, it starts looking for ways to get rid of them. Your body fat stores, called “adipose tissue”, are the main place people lose weight.

People with obesity who gain weight usually lose a lot of weight again, because their muscles and fat reserves are able to absorb calories, and they don’t have to exercise to burn them off.

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