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We’ll start with the simple number you might think. But if the answer is 100 calories, then you’re actually burning 100 calories at rest (the same as when you just exercise yourself for 30 minutes, and you don’t eat anything). You’d think this would also mean that when you have a normal day, you’d burn 100 calories at rest, but this is not the case.

You’ll burn 100 calories when you do 3 sets of 7 reps on your favorite fitness machine.

What About When You’re Lined Up for Long Exercise?

But if you’re using your favorite fitness machine, you might be thinking about other people. Your body can’t do as many reps, and your body can’t do as many sets, which is why you can get a workout and burn 100 calories at the same time. However, when you’re lining up for a long exercise, you’re really only burning about the same number of calories as your body. And when you’re lacing up for exercise, you’re moving the body for a number of reasons that don’t account for your resting metabolism, such as:

When you’re working out, you can’t move

Because you are working long muscle groups for prolonged periods of time, you have less blood flow to each muscle group.

You’re working out for longer distances, which causes fatigue

Because you’re moving long muscle groups for a long period of time, you have less blood flow to each muscle group, and thus you use more body fat.

You’re exercising intensely, which causes heat to build up in your muscles

Because you are extremely active, you have increased metabolic heat. As a result, your body needs to use more body fat to dissipate the heat.

You’re working on a low, hard incline so that you’re moving fast along the ground

Because you’re training on a very low, hard incline, you’re moving fast along the ground because it is harder to control how fast you move.

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