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This is something I think about when I’m in those difficult times when I’m trying to lose weight. It seems like a simple thing (if I could do it, I should), but it actually seems rather hard. I can’t figure out how to stop my skin from shrinking.

So, what can I do to prevent things from shrinking?

I’ve heard that coconut oil (not just coconut cream) can help slow down cell turnover, and I’ve read an article on the science behind it. I can use organic coconut oil but I’m going to stick to the regular stuff from now on. I’m sure there are other reasons for why you will find that your skin feels less tight after weight loss but these seem to be the ones I’ve found to work for me.

How can you help maintain the appearance of your skin after weight loss?
Chrissy Metz Admits She Relates To Kate’s Struggle With ...

Here’s something that isn’t covered all that frequently in diet books but it does help with keeping that bulging-looking body I feel like I have to lose:

A small amount of zinc. I would definitely say to start you out with zinc because you’ll need more once you’re on your 5:2 diet.

What tips do you have on keeping the skin feeling tight after weight loss?

The following is a guest post by Rolf Wohlrabe.

There’s a famous saying that when it comes to Linux, “You can’t help but learn.” In the world of development, it often seems as though everyone else can help, and vice versa. In theory, you can learn everything about Linux, but you can’t help making mistakes. You can’t really take advantage of the open source tools and help the community, either. This lack of knowledge is often felt in open source communities and is frequently the cause for tension and friction — as seen in this fantastic post from Matthew R. Johnson, a developer who has worked on OpenBSD for close to 20 years:

OpenBSD is not open and free. OpenBSD is “closed” in that nobody can learn from others without having a key to the OS, and the software is kept secret. If the release schedule is not kept public, the software is not available. If the software code is not available, the community is only kept alive through word of mouth and support from the original developers and contributors. If there is no community, you can’t be sure that a feature will be available. To borrow a line, that’s the end of open

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