How do you lose leg fat?

What if you eat more lean meat?

The answer can be pretty easily achieved with a combination of the right foods and a little bit of hard work.

I’m working on this right now – read on – and my goal – your goal – is to lose 7 ounces (203 g) of leg fat in a week. I’ll share that week with you in the next post or video.

What Are I Eating?

When most people think of eating lean protein, they think of lean meat. As I’m sure you know too well, that isn’t always the case.

What if you want to lose leg fat? You have other options. Here are some options you can use.

Chicken Breast: The first option. Yes, it’s lean meat, but it comes in the form of chicken breast, so it’s just as lean.

Poultry: The second option. This is much leaner than chicken breast, but the meat comes in the form of turkey or chicken, so it’s still very lean.

Turkey: The final option. While turkey has fewer nutrients than poultry, it is still a lean and flavorful source of protein (especially when served as a side). As an example, turkey breast is just 6 calories per pound, while poultry breast has 19 calories per pound.

I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I loved writing it. Stay tuned for my next video blog post – where I break down the steps I use to lose fat on a ketogenic diet!

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