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Don’t sweat it! Your hips are a bit of a mystery. Don’t fret about those hunks in your butt. Just focus on your hips and stay there. As long as you focus on them, you’ll get a lot of improvement. The first trick is to find a good position that allows you to stretch your hips and hold it. The second is to increase your hip flexibility. But if you want to change your posture to something that is better for your posture, then the second trick is what you should do.

Why is hip flexibility important?

Your hip flexor muscles, the quadriceps, are connected to almost all of your body’s systems like the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain. They play a key role in every function that your body does. They can help you feel balanced and more powerful even if you are sitting down all day.

It is estimated that the hip flexors can move anywhere between 12,000 and 27,000 units per minute when performing exercise at the hip level and up to 30,000 to 40,000 units per minute when trying to move the hips to a full extension.
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Hip Flexibility in Men

The hip flexors are all three muscles in your lower back. These three muscles also play a part in hip extension (hip flexion), but more so than their equivalent muscles of your upper back. For example, the anterior hip flexors (also known as the rectus femoris), which is also called the front hip flexors or the external knee bend, are located under the rectus femoris muscles. The two internal hip flexors (usually called the internal hip flexors or hip external rotators) sit on the perineum directly beneath the rectus femoris while the two external hip flexors lie inside the pelvic floor. The external hip flexors play a central role in hip extension. This is because they are more involved in hip extension than internal hip flexors. However, both the external and internal hip flexors have their own weaknesses. Internal hip flexors are less involved in movement, but also have a lower activation because of the small number of muscles they use (1 – 2).

The hip flexors are responsible for knee extension. While most people have two major muscles of their hips, the external hip flexors and internal hip flexors, the two combined can only move 10 – 16% of their hip flexor muscles during any level of movement that allows it. By contrast, a person like

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