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Take a couple of extra steps. Ask yourself some of these questions:

Where can I look for something? Look for things in my vicinity and in other places

What are the features of things that could be useful? Where in my environment can I find such things as “a phone book” or “the telephone directory”?

What features do most things have? Where do I know I can find them? (e.g. in the street, outside the house, in a car!)

Where do I find things that can help me? (e.g. tools to help me, food)

I have a map. Where do I go in order to see the area I are looking for?

Do I know how I should look for something in a way that will make me find it?

This simple exercise will help you learn the three senses: seeing, hearing, feeling.

What Do You Look For?
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What’s something that I want to find? Is there something I can do if I want to find it? Here’s a quick test:

I’m on a deserted island. I look up at the moon.

Am I looking for something that looks up at the moon? Or am I looking for the moon and the sky? If I am looking for the moon, then if I just look at the moon, then I could see anything I want to.

If I use this logic, then how can anything be seen from the moon? It looks like the moon is completely dark and not visible to the naked eye.

What about sounds? How many are there? If I hear something, do I know how to find it? Can I see what I hear or smell? If I see what I think I want to, can I find it?

If I am in a large room with a large window, can I see that room? Or can I see the outside world only by looking at the window?

I could ask, but this is just the barest of questions. Your answers to these questions will determine how you will use your senses in this life.

Here’s one way that I’ve been using my senses for a few years that I think provides great guidance:

Ask yourself how I will use all the senses as I move forward in this life. This is your journey to the higher states of consciousness.

Take a few minutes each day to think back to the events or experiences

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