How do I start working out at 40?

First things first – there’s a huge selection from the range we carried out before – as you’d expect – we’ve taken you on a tour of the range to show you how it’s supposed to feel. If you prefer, our expert coach will be able to talk through some specific exercises that you can perform right away to improve your core strength – which is what you need, if you’re hoping to take your game to the next level.

We can only offer the following exercises

Stretching – You’ve probably been told that the most essential part of your workout is stretching to ensure you don’t get too sore or out of shape. Unfortunately this is not true if you’re aiming to make the Olympic lifts more efficient for you or just looking to improve the health of your arms and shoulders. If this isn’t your ideal time, we offer stretching for men, women from 48 to 82 lbs, and for overweight people, you can start working out by using our Weighted Stretches.

Exercise – This is where the actual workout starts and is very important. At this time we’re not going to tell you how to do a specific exercise but we will explain why it’s important that you get through it.

We can only offer the following exercises


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Lower back




Trunk work

This doesn’t mean that we’re unable to offer some specific leg exercises for men too. We do a lot of squats, but as we didn’t want to do too much squatting we opted for a more targeted technique. A technique that works the muscles in a specific direction – making them work harder throughout the movement – and also helps you achieve a wider range of movement throughout the movement in a longer time. To put it bluntly there are three main types of squats:

Single leg squats

Double leg squats

Front hip thrust squats

Each exercise needs to be practiced individually. You will also need to be able to squat with an appropriate range of movement.

Include as many exercises in your routine as you think you can perform. If you have more specific or specialized needs than we do you may want to look for a dedicated partner who can offer their own specific assistance.

We can only offer the following exercises

Barbell squats

Barbell pull-overs

Weighted squats

Weighted box squat lifts

We also offer a lot of weight training in