How do I start a workout routine?

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Running tips

Maintaining good form on the trail is a constant struggle for us runners. Here are some important running tips to keep in mind:

Take into account when you’re in an uphill trail as you’ll likely find yourself running into obstacles. Take note of how much pressure you apply when you climb a hill, and when you step on the gas when you hit the downhill. The same goes when you find yourself running up a ramp or descending in traffic: keep an eye out for any signs that show how much resistance you’re exerting to keep you on track for your best times. Try to avoid sudden downhill transitions, be sure to slow down if you need to, and take note of any bumps, rocks and uneven surface you might come across while getting to the first hill.

When you’re running on slippery ground (or under ice), make sure to look at what’s behind you and how slippery it is. If the slippery surface is a hill and the terrain is flat, make sure that you have the right balance for your shoes.

A good running technique is to put your foot (or feet) on the pedal as close to the ground as comfortably possible and to keep it in line with the center of the road.

Keep your knees high, push up with your heel as you step, and move your head in line with your feet. Keep your arms and back straight, and your chest up and straight.

Do not over-extend the leg and lift it off the ground. If it feels like your running into a wall, your foot is not in the right place and your technique is incorrect. If that happens, move your leg to the left and stop.

Be ready to stop on a hill with your knees out for support. When you reach the bottom, rest to allow your upper body to recover and get back into the race.

Use the smallest gear available, and make sure it’s a proper fit. Some runners choose to carry a lighter, heavier pack during difficult hills, but this can be damaging.

Do not make a decision and put on the most comfortable shoes until you’re ready to go out.

Make a habit of stretching and icing your feet and calves twice per week.

Do not be timid during your runs. If you take a turn or