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What if I have no training?

Do I need food?

What does “training” mean?

“I want to lose weight,” or “I need to lose weight,” is an easy one. I’ve written extensively about the importance of getting outside, stretching, moving, making noise, etc in order to lose weight.

For instance, I started running on the couch, and after a few weeks, I felt amazing. My muscles had regained their energy, and I had more energy than I ever had. I was able to walk in a shorter amount of time, and I was able to swim more frequently. It all felt pretty magical to me, and it was easy to believe that this would make me even fitter.

However, over the months, I developed a huge case of “what ifs.”

I thought that even walking would make me fitter. I assumed that eating clean, getting plenty of sleep, and having a good cardio routine would all make a large difference. However… things that were obviously “impossible” became possible, and so became my goal: 20-30 pounds of weight loss by June.

That’s when I decided to have what I considered a “no-fail” workout routine. The one thing that always worked in the big picture was going to the gym and doing one of the workouts below. I kept repeating this routine until I was almost a size 2.

For each of the following workouts:

3.5 miles, one-arm rope climb, or pull-up

6.5 miles, two-arm rope climb

10.0 miles, two-arm rope climb

I started lifting weights one day a week.

I worked out for an hour or two a day.

I ate at least one meal a day, and I did my cardio.
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I ate whatever I wanted, including fast foods if I was hungry. (Somebody once said I was fat eating fast food.)

I went right at it!

This worked for an average of 8 weeks. Not great, but better than what I previously did.

Then, in between the workouts every day, I found a small amount of fat that had accumulated over the months. I ate half of that for a few days. It was a small goal — I couldn’t lose anything more than 10 – 12 pounds at that point!

As a result, my body was re

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