How can I lose my gut in 30 days?

If the symptoms of GI or digestive distress (such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and cramping) persist or worsen for more than one week, the only way to get rid of the abnormal bacteria is through antibiotics. While a few antibiotics will help in some cases, the best way to rid yourself of these bugs is to go natural. If you can’t take the antibiotics for whatever reason, try probiotics, as they’re natural and healthy treatments for you gut.

Is there anything I can do to fight the bugs with bacteria?

Yes and no. If you find yourself getting worse over a period of time, then there is likely to be an imbalance in the bacteria. If you’ve become accustomed to the constant stream of fresh bacteria, then your gut will likely have become accustomed to it, but when the balance is wrong, it will be very difficult to regain it. There are many natural remedies available that have the potential of treating gut trouble, as well as many antibiotics that don’t require a prescription. While you may not want to go to extremes to make a change, you can certainly do the following to improve your health.

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Take a healthy, non-acidic diet. Not only is this healthy, it is also extremely cleansing. Studies have found that a high acid (pH5.5) diet can lead to a lack of nutrients and toxins, leading to GI problems. Also, a high intake of refined carbohydrates and certain fats can cause a host of side effects, such as depression and a weakened immune system. Try to eat foods rich in magnesium, such as green teas, raw nuts, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Get lots of exercise. One of the most detrimental effects of over consumption of sugars and fat is that it causes your body to become extremely sensitive to the things in them (such as gluten, sugar, alcohol and MSG) that cause the problem. If you can increase your physical activity to several hours per week, then it will decrease your sensitivity to the sugar and fat. If you’re too inactive, then your body will have trouble digesting the sugar and fat, leading to bloating, gas or more serious GI problems.

Drink more water. While this is an excellent tip, it’s important to remember that we are water drinkers, not water drinkers only. So by keeping in mind that water is a vital need for your body, you can get hydrated and healthy simply drinking more water than you normally ingest. Drink plenty of water on a regular