How can I lose 5kg in 2 weeks? – Prescription Weight Loss Pills Australia 2018

I really recommend everyone to lose weight and improve their diet as much as they can in the 2 weeks. This is because the biggest gains occur the first 2 weeks, because the body is still adjusting to it. You need to start by eating around 4 to 5 meals per day. Then gradually start your diet and start losing weight. Don’t expect to lose weight in the same direction every time. You might feel some changes of hunger, but this can be overcome by more exercise and proper sleep, plus your diet will have to change!

What happens if I eat too much and burn out, what do I do?

I can’t speak for all people, but as long as you work hard enough, you will get the amount of calories you need. Just stop eating for a couple of days and then you will see some weight loss!

Why do you eat so much more and not go to bed and eat less? When I feel better, when I eat less I feel exhausted. Why have I become such a slob? How can I stay hungry and lose weight?

If you think it is not enough food, then don’t go out and eat. That would mean you are just going to stay hungry and get fat! Eat less and feel better and feel tired! When you feel tired you are not hungry so don’t go out and eat. If you eat, you can end up not feeling hungry anymore. And most likely you would become hungry and then lose weight! And it is the same principle with exercise and sleep. This is why exercise is very important to lose weight: by putting some time in, just doing it once a week would work out you. And, don’t eat for 2 hours after doing exercise. This will make the body adjust! The best thing to do is just to do it in the first place. You will lose weight. As a rule, you can go for a walk or go for a run 1 hour before your diet. Make sure you don’t get tired and you can feel fine afterwards.

Do you ever drink anything?

No. I do not eat. I have no need. You must follow a very strict fast for 4 to 5 days and then eat. Drink water during that period.

What do I do if I have bad stomach?
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This is your chance to ask questions. Ask for a sample diet. It is not a diet for us to judge. It is simply what you need to do with your body.

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