How can I have a flat tummy?

As a beginner, it is a good idea to learn how to eat and how to be satisfied with each meal you eat to prevent bloating. But it is not only about the food you eat. To avoid bloating, you also have to think of the following:

How much pressure do I feel on my tummy?

How does the tension in my body feel on my tummy?

There are few things that make you have excessive pressure that’s uncomfortable to you, such as the pressure in your stomach, upper back or under your armpits. These three are the main reasons to eat as little, and eat lots, of certain foods in the beginning.

If you notice that the tummy is tense, then it’s very important to try not to eat until it softens. But if you’re eating a lot, it’s possible for you to have bloating or even constipation. So, it’s up to you to make it comfortable to eat it as little as possible.

Also, if you are experiencing pressure at your bottom, start by squeezing the muscle a little bit by pressing your finger on a hard surface until it’s felt like you have a small ball or a ball of jelly. You will feel less pain if you do this. Then, the pressure will go, which also means less pressure in your tummy.

If you have constipation, the only thing to do is to make it very comfortable by having a hot bath, putting on a loose fitting shirt and drinking several warm liquids.

However, if you’re still having stomach bloating, then you can try a few small steps. There are four parts in this process:

1. Reduce stress by eating more fruit or vegetables

2. Eat more vegetables, especially green ones

3. Avoid a stressful event, such as a trip abroad

4. Eat lots of fiber, carbohydrates — and water!

These four parts are important, but you can reduce the third by switching to more moderate forms of eating. That is by eating more lean proteins instead of carbohydrates.

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There are three things that make meat taste good by us; they are fat, texture and smell. When you eat a lot of meat, this is why it tastes bad when you eat it. But, by eating more protein, you can feel that meat tastes good, and that’s what will make it better.

You should also consume lots of fruit. There are two ways