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Excessive flatulence may have been caused by many different factors. Some of the most common are:


Excessive caffeine intake

High blood sugar levels

Harsh environment in the stomach and stomach lining

Tumour of the stomach

A cold

Lack of exercise

Low blood sugar intake

Tumours in the stomach lining

Low stomach acid


The normal weight range for women is about 140 to 175lbs. An obesity diagnosis is usually found by your GP after the doctor has read the family history. An abdominal wall scan is usually carried out. There is also a possibility that there may be an underlying problem, such as a tumour.

What causes over-fluidity?

There are a few factors that can cause excessive flatulence:


Excessive drinking is a trigger for many people. In fact there is now an alcohol consumption level known as the WHO ‘drink-ability index’ – with an index of 1.5 indicating that you are highly at risk of liver damage. There are reports of babies having stomach problems as a result of drinking a glass of milk on every morning.


Caffeine can cause excess flatulence. In one study children who consumed high levels of caffeine (over 400 milligrams a day for two weeks), with each cup containing around 70mg, had a higher risk of developing a bowel obstruction than those who avoided caffeine. However this may be due to a short term effect, meaning that a high-coffee diet can lead to similar problems.

High glucose levels

People with diabetes can also be at risk of developing flatulence. In fact diabetes is the number one cause of flatulence in children. When people with diabetes have a high blood sugar level, the small airways dilate making it more difficult to make the stool to pass through.

High fat diet

High intake of fat in the diet can result in excess flatulence. It can also cause irritation of the esophagus, possibly resulting in constipation.

Poor hygiene

People with poor hygiene have been known to experience excessive flatulence. This is an unfortunate possibility but may also be due to an underlying problem.

Physical problems

Some physical problems can disrupt this digestive system. This includes diabetes, a blood loss of iron which can cause fatigue, asthma, and some cancers like breast, colon and

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