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How do I have a flat belly?

How do I get rid of the flab on my bottom?

There are two forms of flat tummy :

A flat tummy without wrinkles, is caused after having a hysterectomy, tubal ligation, or hysterectomy reversal

A flat tummy that is filled in with fat, and is usually a result of a tummy tuck, is called a pericardial effusion

The flat tummies are usually caused by:

From Halopedia, the Halo wiki

This article is about the Human-Covenant combatant of the SPARTAN-II Program. For the SPARTAN-II training program, see John-117 (training program). For a list of UNSC forces in space that may have served in that role, see SPARTAN-II, Covenant.

“I’ve come here to tell you something about this program. Something that you shouldn’t try to ignore…” — John-117[2]

The SPARTAN-II project was a military intelligence program created to gather data from the human-Covenant, in particular to find out the Covenant’s plans on Earth.[1] The data the program collected formed the basis of a report regarding the Covenant’s intentions, published by ONI, which subsequently formed part of the strategic mission of the Office of Naval Intelligence. The intelligence report was a foretelling of the events that would change Earth in the coming years, with a prediction that the UNSC’s next conflict would be one between human forces and the Covenant.

The program also involved a number of other ONI missions related to human exploration of space and the exploration of the galaxy to assist the UNSC in its own expansion; they were known as the SPARTAN-II program, the SPARTAN-II program.[3]

History [ edit ]

A Spartan-IIs briefing in space

The first SPARTAN was selected from a group of twelve human-born children chosen as candidates as part of their Human High Council induction process. The selection process required them to give a presentation about themselves, and gave them a series of tests about their abilities. At the conclusion of that briefing, John-117 (later to be known as John-117 SPARTAN-II, or just John, in short) was selected as the candidate to be integrated into the program.

The Spartans trained on

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