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It’s a good thing!” And then as soon as we were out doing what we did, it just was like, “Oh, so what if he’s a vegan? He’s just going to go home and do that.” And then, by the time we got to the table, I’d seen this movie and I was like, “Oh! No! I can’t do that!” ‘No no no!’ I’m telling you, I had my friends on one side, and my wife’s sister-in-law on one side. But we were having dinner and they’d be like, “No we’re not!” And then my wife’s sister-inlaw had a vegetarian group and it was like, “Well, you can say it at your table! You’re not supposed to be that crazy! This is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!”

So you’re not like an asshole?

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No! No! Not at all. I have a great group of people here. I think it’s very interesting that people can make their own choices. But at the same time, for me, it’s a wonderful thing… I was in a meeting the other day, and I was in the room with some of the leading researchers and I was watching the TV and there were two vegan groups. And, you know, I’m like, what? You could be a vegan, too. But what was surprising to me was, just in the last two to three months, the number of people that are vegans and the number of people that are vegetarians and then are able to have a very good quality health. What this demonstrates is that we have a lot of opportunities now to support people to be better as people. And I just want to remind everybody there, I’m not a doctor, but it’s interesting to me that not too many people are being exposed more to vegan diets. And I think that’s why I’m so optimistic that there’s still such an appetite and a hunger to help people who can’t, to be better off as good people!

Does your family support you and your lifestyle of veganism? Do you have your husband’s permission/adoption rights? How do you manage to keep up your vegan lifestyle in a public school?

I’ve had our daughter Caroline, who is now 2, who is a vegetarian, for two years now, and my husband’s okay with it but my brother-in-law hasn’t. But all in all,

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