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“Egg fast” is not the same as “fast egg.” When an athlete lifts heavy weights or when exercising vigorously (e.g., sprinting), there is no way the body can produce the energy needed to power the machine on the first or second repeat. A fast egg, on the other hand, is an egg fast that works a muscle every time and produces the required energy.

Some fast egg programs are designed to increase strength and power. Others may be more suited to bodybuilders, because they target an overall muscle mass and allow the athlete to use more compound movements. If you want to boost testosterone and your gains, don’t do slow or “fasting.”

The first question in that debate is whether there is a difference in rate of protein breakdown or a difference in total protein breakdown. The answer, of course, is no. The rate of protein breakdown for the vast majority of men is about the same. The total protein breakdown, however, varies substantially within individuals in response to both physical activity and diet. If you fast, it’s going to be different: The first- and second-rep, fasted-egg fast will increase protein oxidation by only 20 to 30%. This is the typical difference between fast and slow methods of resistance training.

Does body protein synthesis rate matter?

Research has been done on the difference in body protein synthesis (the breakdown of protein) between those using different methods of resistance training. One study at Georgia Regents University compared three different resistance exercise training protocols in different groups of men. The first group did the standard six sets of the exercise for each of the three muscle groups with the same rest period between sets. The second group trained with two muscle groups for three sets and another two muscle groups for three sets. The third group used only one muscle group for three sets and a muscle group for two sets. The first- and second-rep, fasted-egg fast protocols were similar in that both used two sets of sets while the second-rep did not do any single exercises to elicit additional protein, and thus all three sets were performed.

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The muscle protein synthesis rates during exercises performed with three or two sets remained higher and sustained more than during the same exercises performed with only two sets—by about a factor of two in both cases. However, during the exercise with only muscle groups (the fast-egg fast), the first/second-repetition, fasted-egg protocols decreased protein synthesis in most of the men, with one

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