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I don’t know. That’s the next step to go though.”

It was time to go to work, so she left and ran at a fast speed toward the building. What she was planning to do was not an easy thing to do without any protective clothing.

“The problem is going down there with all those people around. It’s very, very messy.”

The group was on the first floor. They did not have to fight through all the stairs to get to the second floor, but still had a long hike. When Tiana had her first bout of the flu, her family, especially her grandmother, didn’t even let her see them, but now they were all together in the second floor to watch, for now.

Tiana was happy with her luck. She had not experienced the cold before and the flu was not a bad illness. But she felt exhausted and the cold made her very weak. She knew that she had nothing left and so she went inside in a hurry, pushing in that direction.

She was in front of the food kitchen. The only problem was that this restaurant wasn’t the only one in the area but she only felt the one in the back, closer to the door than the one in front.

“Let’s go there” they said and she looked around for the right way but didn’t find the way there. She started towards it, feeling dizzy and her feet were numb from the cold. She was so tired.

“Where to” she asked herself, as she was walking faster, a lot quicker.

She realized that she was far from the main building and looked more closely. It was a long way. She was tired and her feet hurt. She heard the voices of other people from the restaurant, asking help or at least, the help to go to the exit of the building (the restaurant was too big).

She didn’t want to waste her time in a restaurant of such size and that’s why she asked the people standing right next to her for help. Her heart could hardly believe their reaction and she started to follow the loud voice “Are you the one that made those videos? It was fun” in the middle of the line of people.

Tiana started to walk on the street until she came to the corner, where there was a corner shop. The store was closed, but they were open.

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She tried to take a look around the shops, but all she could see

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