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I’m going to let the comments commence.

This is why I always think I’m the first one in the room, but my brother (who is also an artist) would not agree with this statement:

“I have tried it all, and as a rule I tend to make a lot of mistakes.”

My brother is going to give me the floor.
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Let’s start with the easiest step. Start with a small task.

I have been working, and not doing much, so far. And I am still not 100% sure of the outcome of this project. And I still think there’s something wrong, but I am not sure how. I try and do my best, without knowing if I succeeded or not. But when I make something with my hands or with paint, I feel very very proud of my hands and my work. So, I would like to share with you one more step.

So, you can go to your local art store, have a look around, and buy a piece that you like. If all goes well, start sketching or making a small painting. Maybe the painting would be small but you could start with your sketch.

Then, if all goes well and you have made a good painting, take your sketch and place it inside your art store without being seen by anyone. You can find more in this article.

If not, take two more steps. Start with something smaller. Start with a small painting, make a tiny sketch, place inside your art store that you took your sketch earlier, no one really notices anything about it.

The point is to let someone see your work and see your pride in it. That way, your life will change. Your heart will become stronger. This will be the most important step before you will feel satisfied and get on with it. You can choose to be satisfied right now, and keep working at it. There are different opinions on how long to do it. Some say 3-5 years (but I don’t know that), some say 7 years (that’s my husband… I see him working from one day to the next, just as fast as the other guy).

Then you start making more stuff.

After 3 years working at art, and having the confidence to look outside of yourself, it’s time to make more stuff. And there is so much stuff to make and learn. So I encourage you to do so.

And after having more