Can anxiety make you lose weight? – Weight Loss Drink For Belly Fat In Malayalam

It’s a common myth that anxiety makes people lose weight. Not only is this a myth, it’s almost impossible to prove. I’ve written about this before, but here’s what’s important – anxiety can make people more self-obsessed, so it’s not so surprising that it causes them to try to control everything. If they don’t control it, it can make them less effective. Anxiety can also make people depressed and have low energy. They’ll tend to eat when they don’t feel like eating, and they’ll also need to be more patient, or they’ll get to the last bite and they’ll be sick from the bad breath. It can be a huge, huge problem for people struggling with anxiety.

I remember a really hard time last year when I needed to go to a meeting. It was a busy and stressful time, but I needed to go. I’d been told it’s okay, and they can put you on it. And the meeting happened, and I had a wonderful, wonderful time. But as soon as I got home and looked at the list of things I was due to get as a result of the meeting, I knew I’d done something terribly wrong. Because of that meeting, I was a lot more likely to be on drugs. I didn’t exercise a lot, so on top of that I was pretty depressed.

The good news is that some things, like the exercise and eating, are better than others. But as far as the general feeling of being under control that you’re anxious about, it can’t be helped. I would say that anxiety is a huge risk for eating disorders; and as far as exercise goes it’s not particularly important.

If anxiety was an eating disorder then what would you tell yourself to help you recover?

I’d tell myself to:

Focus more on the things I can control, like going out, socialising

Keep a diary and write down what’s going on in terms of food.

Don’t let everything go to my head, but think a lot about my feelings of wellbeing and wellbeing.

Use techniques like meditation, stress management etc to help me feel more at ease, which can be very difficult for some people with anxiety or low mood.
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If I’m depressed or anxious, what is a treatment plan like for recovery?

You need to talk to your GP about a general mental health service that deals with anxiety issues, and if depression or anxiety are something you need

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