Can anxiety make you lose weight? – History Of Dieting For Weight Loss

If so, how do you get over it? What’s a good way to keep the weight off after the weight loss efforts?

If you’ve been struggling with low weight for a long time now, I’m pretty sure you know all of these questions. If so, you’re familiar with a lot of the usual strategies to lose weight (calories, exercise, diet & exercise), and some of the strategies that I talk about here.

That said, anxiety is one of those problems that sometimes don’t feel like the problem itself when you’re dealing with it, but rather that the behavior triggers a “reactive” response from you that leads to a cascade of negative emotions that often keep you from getting over it.

To help you cope with this problem, here are some strategies you might be able to implement and build towards:

1. Practice the skill of noticing when problems are coming up. Your subconscious knows what you are feeling. So it’s important to try to stay aware of what you’re feeling and why. If you find yourself experiencing low energy or irritability, take your mind off of things for 10-15 min at a time and pay it some attention, like listening to something relaxing, taking a walk, reading a book, or maybe just talking to yourself. When you’re in a feeling that something is bothering you, pay extra attention to it, since it’ll likely pass by and you’ll see it as an important part of your subconscious mind processing in the background. Then go back to normal activity or sleep. This way, if your low energy or irritability is re-occurring, your mind won’t be distracted, and you won’t notice it.

2. Stay positive. If you know you’re getting low on energy, it doesn’t make much sense that you’re not energized. You can still be upbeat, but it’ll likely be more out of habit, so try to find ways to keep yourself upbeat. If that doesn’t help, try to avoid taking yourself out of the situation if you find yourself getting low or getting angry. When you do that, you’ve allowed yourself to become over involved in the feeling and the problem and have effectively blocked the ability for your subconscious to process that feeling appropriately in the background.

3. Have a friend or loved one with the problem. Sometimes, the best way to find out how to deal with a problem is to have someone you can go to. It’s not ideal, but that’s often the only option

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