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If they are “invasions”, how does that play into my meaning?

“Invasions” are what we now know as “trophy tattoos”. A “trophy tattoo” is a tattoo made up of metal, plastic, or other materials (such as silver or gold) used to mark a person’s arms, legs, back, genitalia, or face. These tattoos are called “trophy tattoos” because of an American military’s habit of giving a soldier a “trophy” tattoo after the war. The tattooed individual was made to look like he had won the war with some special weapon. Sometimes the tattoo would tell the wearer what the weapon was.

This is a big distinction. The phrase “trophy tattoo” was first used in the 1940s and was not actually used until after World War II. The tattoo was not specifically referred to as a “trophy tattoo” because no such weapon had ever been created.

Another distinction between the phrase “invasions” and the verb “to invade or fight” is that the latter doesn’t involve a physical assault, but rather a psychological attack. When words like “incinerate” and “rape” were in popular use, these words referred to physical injuries (not physical aggressions). Thus, we don’t hear about “incinerate a man” and “rape a woman”, respectively. (These uses do occur, and are considered offensive today.) “Invasions”, on the other hand, refer to an act of intimidation, and the intent is to “invade, fight or invade.”

Why is there a difference between the two?

“Invasions” implies an act of violent action, while “invasion” implies an act of force. So it’s a good idea to distinguish between these two terms. Many people mistakenly assume “invasion” means “physical.” However, “invasions” implies a psychological attack, whereas “invasion” implies an act of physical or sexual violence.

The best way to understand this difference is to imagine a military parade. You see a hundred-mile line of marching soldiers. You’re the only spectator! As you watch the line of soldiers, an army of people follows behind it. This line is called an “Army.”

You, the spectator, see soldiers of the Army marching by. You can move about some of the soldiers. You can see troops who are shouting: “Down! Down!” They’re shouting: ”

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