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Although tattoos were around long before our ancestors began getting their daily dose of pigment, people in Africa, Asia and other regions have been getting them for a very long time. They originated in southern Europe and South America, where they were used as a symbol of strength and prosperity, especially among the Aztecs. However, people in Africa also have used tattoos (sometimes referred to as tattoo-like marks) since before the dawn of humans on this continent.

What other uses have tattoos had?

There has long been speculation, however, that certain regions have been tattooing humans for longer than other regions, with possibly important benefits for humans.

For example, some people around Africa use tattoos to mark personal places of significance and as a means of communication, a practice not uncommon throughout the world. In the same way, people from the Middle East were tattooed as a symbolic representation of their religion or culture, possibly to show their devotion to a specific deity or leader.

What other tattooed societies have there been?

It is thought that tattooing is prevalent throughout the Americas, where people may have been tattooed as early as 15 million years ago. Tattooing has not been reported in any other places. While it is true that tattooing is a relatively recent invention, our ancestors were also tattooing long before their time-table for their appearance began to evolve.

Where have the tattoos been found?

Since the discovery of human faces, tattoos have been found on humans from all over the world. In places like North America (including the United States and Canada, where the practice is called skin-picking) and Australia, the practice is quite common. The most recent discovery, however, happened in a remote area in Alaska and represents the first complete appearance of human face and body tattoos, which date back tens and hundreds of thousands of years! These tattoos show that there was an association between the two before any contact between humans and others.

Why have some human bodies been tattooed?

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When people find out that humans are doing something that people always did, they sometimes want to show how much of that thing everyone else used. Tattoos, while not entirely new, do offer something that some people have found interesting about those who invented them—and they often have more than a little to gain from doing this. People often find them interesting for all the different things that they can represent. Perhaps a tattoo was meant to symbolize a good deed, a new way of thinking

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